About Alex

Alex Broggi

My son has epilepsy. He has had numerous tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures throughout his life. Although he takes anti-epileptic drugs, we do not have control of his seizures. For more info on epilepsy, visit the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan.

Physically he is 19 years old, but mentally he is at an 8 year old level. He has been enrolled in special education most of his life. But his innate wisdom has taught his family, friends, and educators invaluable life lessons.

I could tell you all the things he will never be able to do, but I'd rather focus on all the things he can do! He has taught our family more in his 19 years than we could have ever taught him. Watch the Alex Broggi Graduation video on YouTube. It will touch your heart.

Alex loves to blow bubbles, go bowling, shoot hoops with his siblings, go swimming, watch Disney movies, and spend time with his "big family".

The Broggi Family

Alex's dreams include being a contestant on his favorite game show "Wheel of Fortune"; swimming with the Dolphins at Seaworld, and attending Michigan State University where his older brother goes.